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All You Need To Know About 16×7 Garage Doors

by Michelle

There are some reasons for installing 16×7 garage doors. First, your old door is in bad condition after serving you for years. Or you are interested in changing your entry.

There may be any reason behind changing the door, but you must prefer 16×7 garage doors for your home’s aesthetic look.

In this article, we will tell you about 16×7 insulated garage door types, and also their costs.

All About 16×7 Garage Doors

If you are considering installing 16×7 garage doors, you must know about the budget to know the essential features of these doors. Material types of 16×7 garage doors.

16×7 Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors look so lovely and luxurious. These doors consist of both glass and aluminum panels. It gives the home a modern and pleasing view. It is important to note these doors come with a 5-year finish warranty and 3 years of hardware warranty. These are available in different colors with a durable aluminum frame that needs low maintenance. Standard colors are white, black, brown, and transparent. It is also available in tempered view glass.

16×7 Aluminum Glass Doors

If you have a limited budget, you can freely choose aluminum 16×7 doors. These doors are cheap and affordable. Aluminum doors can easily contract and expand, which is why they are best for homes other than glass and wood doors. You can choose even that material upon which the designs of wood.

16×7 Solid Wood Garage Doors

The solid wood garage door is the most common type of 16×7 garage door. There are many reasons for the everyday use of solid wood 16×7 garage doors. Wood is easily customizable. These doors are blended with home decor and designs. But wood couldn’t bear the moisturization of weather and challenging weather conditions. Solid wood requires a lot of maintenance.

16×7 Steel Garage Doors

All types of 16×7 garage doors are suitable for a specific type of construction. Some are good for commercials, some for residential. But if you are doing a massive home project, you must choose 16×7 steel garage doors. They are best to bear the most challenging conditions of weather. They need low maintenance. You can find steel 16×7 garage doors that mimic the looks of wood.

16×7 Fiber Glass Doors

If you live in a moderate-weather area and want to install it on your property, go with fiber. The use of fiber is lightweight and ultra-quiet. It is an excellent choice for your home. But a disadvantage of using 16×7 fiber class is that it breaks up when it comes in front of the heat.

Measure for your Garage Door Installation

The measurement of width and entry opening, then the measurement of height. A side room measuring 3-3/4 is needed for each side to establish the upper track. Distance between the highest point and entry point is also measured in the measurement of 16×7 garage door to 3600$.


In this article, we told you about 16×7 garage doors, the types of 16×7 garage doors, the Cost of garage doors, and their measurement.

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