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How to Choose a Scissor Lift Table?

by Michelle

You might have seen this cross-wings machine in warehouses and loading places and have wondered what an absolute piece of engineering it is. Surely! Scissor lift tables are one of the most potent lifting tools today. For reaching out to materials/loads that are heavier to be lifted with a human effort, scissor lift tables are designed to lift heavier loads from the ground to wherever required while protecting your back and providing minimum footprint.

So, if you have ever wondered how a scissor lift table work, here is the answer. Their power lies and comes from the hydraulic cylinders attached under their scissor platforms. With hinge pins attached at their ends and in the middle, these scissor wings perform as crossing struts. The sideway collapse due to irregular load distribution is avoided by the shafts that separate these sets of scissor struts. Lastly, depending upon the industry, they are being used, and the amount of load you want to lift, you can choose between a single pair scissor lift and multiple pair scissor lifts stacked on top of one another.

What Are Lift Tables Used For?

In a single sentence, scissor lift tables are used to replace the human effort and muscle exertion with mechanical force to relieve operators in lifting heaving loads in a number of industries. The most common uses, and indeed some of them that you might as well have come across, are loading and unloading goods, steel coils, and vehicles in showrooms and service centers. In other industries, these scissor lift tables can also be used as logistic conveyors on a production line, elevators for people with conditioned mobility, and work platforms with higher ergonomics.

Characteristics To Be Kept In Mind While Considering A Scissor Life Table:

If you have finally decided to optimize the lifting processes at your factory by easing the human effort with hydraulic machines, here are the characteristics you should consider:


You have to consider whether these scissor lift tables should be used in a fixed location or if it needs to be mobile. Examples of a fixed location can be a production line or an assembly unit. However, mobile scissor lift tables are used in construction and maintenance.

Load Capacity

The second important consideration is their load capacity, which means how many loas a scissor lift table can handle. Depending upon the size and capability of hydraulic cylinders and struts used, the load capacity of different scissor lift tables might vary.

Lifting Height

The lifting height of your scissor lift table will decide what maximum height your lift tables can entertain without a problem. Though lifts have the capacity to expand their struts, they can, however, work their best up to a certain height without any issue.

Build Quality

The material quality of your scissor lift table will help you uphold the most important concern at a cargo lifting facility. You can always count on the quality of material in the scissor lift table and the workmanship for added safety at you workplace.


With the advancement in technology and optimization in industrial workplaces, the demand for scissor lift tables is increasing daily. Since scissor lift tables essentially increase the productivity of your workplace by making the lifting jobs quicker, faster, and safer, these hydraulic machines are becoming ubiquitous in several industries.

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