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Safety Tips When Using An Electric Hand Saw

by Michelle

One of the best equipment inventions in the construction world is the electric saw. These powerful machines can cut thick wood into half within minutes. However, because of their large size, they were often kept for industrial use.

Then along came the electric hand saw with its unique portable feature. Although the machine power may not compare with those for industrial use, they are necessary for carrying out easy DIYs at home.

Hand saws can cause serious injuries to the hand when not used properly. The degree of injury can range from mild to fatal. To avoid any of these, it’s important to adhere to important safety guides and tips. These safety tips include:

Keep hands away from the worktable

It’s a common mistake anyone can make. When using an electric hand saw, there will always be scraps on the table from the cutting process. Ideally, it’s good to remove these scraps, so they don’t hinder the movement of the blade. However, safety tips require you to use a push stick instead of your hands. No matter how close these scraps may be to your hand, never attempt to touch them with your hand.

Never wear loose clothing

When using an electric hand saw or any other type, you should never wear clothing, gloves, or jewelry that is loose enough to get caught by the working blade. The general rule of thumb is to wear clothing that is body fitted, especially the sleeve area. Also, use appropriate hand glove sizes, and as much as possible, remove all jewelry.

Never use a hand saw while under the influence

It may seem cool to have a cold beer close by to help cool the body from all that sweat and vibration, but it puts you at risk. Alcohol has an intoxicating effect that can affect or hamper proper reasoning. The same applies to certain prescribed drugs and drugs that are being abused. When working with an electric hand saw, your full attention is needed. It’s crucial to be of sound mind and clear eyes to allow you to make sound judgments. You are also advised not to look away from the work table when the hand saw is working.

Use the appropriate blade

Depending on the material you intend to cut, you may need to change blades. Using the right blade is the first step to making a successful cut. Using a sharp blade makes cutting easier and more efficient. When the electric hand saw blade is dull, it can lead to stalling, kickbacks, or binding.

Starting the electric hand saw

Before switching on the electric hand saw, ensure the blade area is not making any contact with the work or work table. Also, ensure the blade is running at full speed before attempting to make any cuts. Also, hold the hand saw firmly when working to avoid it from shifting out of place.


An electric hand saw makes cutting materials easy and efficient. However, to get the best out of these hand saws, it’s advisable to follow the instructions on how they should be used. These hand saws can also cause serious injuries if safety precautions are not adhered to. Follow these tips to stay safe when using an electric hand saw.


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